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    We are proud to be the first bioink company in the world, helping scientists pave the way for the future of regenerative medicine. We are differentiators helping innovators succeed.

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    CELLINK takes home the award for being one of the hottest startups in Sweden

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    We believe that bright minds can be found in all corners of the world. We want to find collaborators so that we can take this technology to the next step faster and save lives.

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    Welcome to our easy webshop where you will be able to find everything that you will need to start with this exciting technology. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. Remember, if you don't ask, the answer is always no.

  • What is CELLINK?

    CELLINK is the first and most widely used universal bioink in the world. CELLINK is a bioink that can universally be used on a wide range of 3D Bioprinters. CELLINK can also be used independently of any printing device, in case you want to perform simpler experiments of 3D cell culturing. The unique biocompatibility and printability of our bioink offers outstanding results that will take your research to the next level!

    We are differentiators helping innovators do what they do best, changing the world of medical innovations!

    Organs & Cartilage Tissue

    Living Tissue

    Cell Study Models

    Drug Discovery

    Pharmaceutical Testing

    University Research





    Together we can create the future of regenerative medicine.













  • Solutions

    All products are available in our webshop


    The future of Bioprinting

    CELLINK is the first universal bioink that has been optimized for 3D Bioprinting of human tissue. When you are looking for an ideal solution to all your cell culturing and 3D Bioprinting needs you can count on CELLINK to deliver the results you are looking for. Get 3 mL of CELLINK for only $99!


    Mixing human cells with your Bioink

    CELLMIXER can be used both with CELLINK or with other Bioinks to directly mix the cells together with the bioink into a printable tissue-mixture. It provides the ideal solution of being able to pre-mix cells with scaffold materials to perform a simple one-step printing process without the need of post-seeding of cells.


    Getting started with 3D Bioprinting

    STARTINK-Kit is the first 3D Bioprinting starting kit that provides you with a complete solution for getting started with 3D Bioprinting. The kit includes CELLINK, a CELLMIXER, Binding Agent, and empty cartridges where the cell mixture can be transferred into when ready for printing. Get yours now for only $149!

  • Let's work together!

    We are the experts of bioinks, developing new biomaterial solutions for researchers worldwide. Our goal and focus is to ensure that researchers are provided with the tools needed to revolutionize the medical industry. Our portfolio consisting of 3D Bioprinters, Bioink, Consumables, and Human Cells is everything you need to confidently get started with 3D Bioprinting.

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