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3D Bioprinting

Together we create the future of medicine

By using bioink in combination with a bioprinter, researchers around the world are able to take the next step in regenerative medicine. With our bioinks and bioprinters, we can take Your research to the next level.

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Bioprinting technology

Bioprinting utilizes 3D-printing technology combined with bioink to create complex 3-dimensional structures. By using bioink the structures can be built with living cells to create real, living tissue. The additive technique ensures precision and flexibility when it comes to the placement of cells and different cell types. The bioprinting technology opens up for a wide range of different applications. For example, bioprinting in bone cells, skin cells or tissues for internal organs. These tissues can then be used for oncology research, drug testing, high-through-put drug screening or testing of cosmetic compounds. Read more...

Bioinks creating new opportunities

CELLINK is the first bioink company in the world and is also the creator of the world’s first universal bioink. This opens up the opportunity for scientists to bioprint using any type of cells. CELLINK also provides a wide range of bioinks for different applications. A bioink is a hydrogel biomaterial that is suitable for bioprinting and it provides a temporary support to the cells while they produce their own extracellular matrix. Read more...

INKREDIBLE+ 360° view

Bioprint right on the lab-bench with our patented Clean Chamber Technology. With a HEPA filtered positive air pressure inside the printing chamber you can be sure that your bioprinting is sterile. We take your research seriously, just like we know you do.

Inkredible FEATURES

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Clean Chamber Technology

Thanks to the patented Clean Chamber Technology, the INKREDIBLE+ is the first true desktop bioprinter. An overpressure with filtered air creates a sterile environment inside the chamber allowing the INKREDIBLE+ to be operated anywhere.

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Heated printheads

The heated printheads can maintain a temperature of anything between 25-85°C, allowing bioprinting with polymers or the ability to keep cells at their native temperatures throughout the bioprinting process.

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UV crosslinking system

Once the bioprinting process is complete, the UV Crosslinking System quickly creates crosslinks between the polymer chains of the bioink. This hardens the structure allowing it to be moved.

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